Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hunting Season & The Camp!

Today is the Day to get the Hunting Camp Ordered!

The right floor plan is waiting on you!
Group purchases honored with *big $$$ discounts!
A camp or a cabin!
RV Parks and Cabins Love these!
All quoted prices are delivered to location not set up.
 The inside sets us apart from the rest!
 Almeria A model is $31,190.  510 Sq. ft.
 Scott Linden with Wingshooting USA endorses these and owns one himself.
 See Scott on 5 TV networks promoting these cabins!
Scott's website
 This is Scott's man cave right here put up in May 2012.
 Scott's model Langeoog $8,563. 181 Sq. ft.
Salamanca below $21,879. 269 Sq ft.
 Burgos $22,388. 381 Sq. ft.
 Over 200 models available.  Ask for our catalog!
 Enzo B $7,352. 172 Sq. ft.
 Gorbea A $14,750. 2.8" Logs 215 Sq. ft.
 Hobby D $6,436. 215 Sq. ft.
 Mari B $6,121. 155 Sq. ft.
 Petra $31,801. 2.8" Logs 414 Sq. ft.
 Tongue & Groove construction through out every model.
 Tormes A $19,437.  450 Sq. ft.
Vigo $97,567.  3.2" Logs 1030 Sq. ft.
Serena $106,344. 1600 Sq. ft.

*Big Discounts are available for group purchases not in a dealer area totalling $100,000 or more.
For more information email
or call 210-651-2045
All quoted prices are delivered not set up.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Pool & Spa Models for Delight

Wood Cabin Plans, Log Cabins for the Garden that will refresh and change feelings!

This Roy Hot Tub Model is very popular at $8,999. 13' X 19'8".  Adds value to any backyard.

Actual unit on sales lot.   This unit makes the Hot Tub a good place to go in any weather with the change room location.
The Victoria B is very popular for a comforting evening or coffee in the morning. $4915. Delivered.
The Ibiza is perfect for outdoor BBQ or Fish Fry on a Saturday or great for a Hot Tub Covering $4986.
This model is very popular for an Art Studio or other inspiring work.  13.5X13.5 $8,563.
The Langeoog Model shown above has room for a nice loft as well. 
The Hoby Nervion Model makes a great Hobby Room or Office.  13.9X10'  $4,655.

Over 200 models to choose from to fit most any need or desire. 
All Models have tongue and groove construction. 
For more information call 210-651-2045

For new product lines go to
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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Housing Plans and Designs

Build your own attractive wood cabin! 

Design an affordable authentic Log Cabin for your garden.  

Transform the back yard into an amazing hobby room or delighted guest house. 

Save thousands by eliminating high labor costs with astonishing tongue and groove construction.  
Stimulate kids interest in being happy at home with new fun playhouses or a new tech room. 
Sidestep having to move to another house by applying innovative design structures to the space requirements. 
Leverage what you have available with breakthrough space transfers.
Bridge the gap between the budget and your ultimate inspiring living quarters.

Explore over 200 absolutely adorable Log Cabins and Structures.

Reconsider your destiny.  Shave-off all the high labor costs of new construction.   Refresh your home time.
Stimulate home activities.  Retain peace of mind. Gather the family and dream of the right structure together.

Ask us for our 2012 catalog now.  210-651-2045 or email

Check out our Salamanca Model with 70 mm logs at only $24,067. delivered to your location.
Need a hobby house?
Check out the Hoby Duero Model
for only $6,436 delivered to your location!

Warm up the nights or
enjoy the birds in the morning in the Victoria B
Only $4915 deliverd with 40 mm logs.

Replace the RV or the Tent with a Camp House!
Our Tormes Model with 40mm logs $19,437.

Dealers Wanted!
Call now 210-651-2045

Ask us to email you our 2012 catalog and 2012 pricing.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This will disrupt the normal!

Change is coming to the building of very affordable structures with unique class!

Never need a saw at the jobsite!  You can put these together with a rubber mallet!  The time cost of construction is saved!  When the outside is finished so is the inside!  Tongue and groove construction through out.  No pressed wood in the structure.  Compare the square foot cost of these quality structures with what you are seeing in your area and we know which you will prefer.  We will have a dealer in your area soon!   We are the "first" to market these quality structures in the USA! 

Our Riopas model with 70mm logs delivered to your location $63,603.  With 58 mm logs $60,855.  Two bedrooms approx. 869.3 sq ft.

The Mari B model with 28 mm logs delivered to your location is $5291.  Hunting camp special!  Just $33.69 per sq ft.

Our Rusia model with 70 mm logs delivered $64,356. Approx 789 sq ft. 

The Salamarcia with 70 mm logs delivered $24,067. With 58 mm logs $21,879.  Approx 229.6 sq ft.

Talk about construction options!  Talk about a great fit!  Tongue and groove!

                                        They dress up real nice!

The Kristina model with 70mm logs delivered $59,425.  With 58mm logs $55,064.  Approx 881 sq. ft.

Need a garage?  Garage model D with 58mm logs delivered $14,323. With 40mm logs $10,710. Approx 306.4 sq ft.

Garage A with 70mm logs $9616. with 40mm logs $6767. Approx 170.4 sq. ft.

The Leon A makes a great office!  $20,760.  Approx. 197.8 sq ft.

Dealers wanted.  Call now 210-651-2045.  email

Several units can be seen on our blog at and .
See the inside of one at 

Monday, May 21, 2012

New Living Quarters! Home or Camps!

We have over 200 models of EZ Log Structures available for most any dwelling or investor.  
Exclusive dealerships are available in select areas! 
Our Virgo model with 70 mm logs $97,567 delivered to location.  Three bedrooms!
Approx. 940 sq ft.

Our Hoby Duero model with 28mm logs $6,436. delivered to location.  Perfect for beach, hunting camp, hobby house and more.  Approx. 191.2 sq ft.  A bargin at $33.66 per square foot.

The inside is what sets us apart.  When the outside is put together the inside is complete.

Our two story Cadiz with 70 mm logs $110,262 delivered to your location.  4 Bedrooms.  Approx. 1200 sq ft. 

A favorite model the Burgos with 58 mm logs $22,388. delivered to your location.  Great guest house for the ranch!  Approx. 341.7 sq ft. 

The Letonia model with 70 mm logs $77,290 and with 58 mm logs $70,217.  Three bedroom with approx. 1039 sq ft. 

The Tormes model is one of the most popular with 40 mm logs $19,437.  delivered to your location.  Approx 408.6 sq ft.  Makes a great get away cabin.

See the videos:

For more information call 210-651-2045 .